Nomad Collaboration

Experience a collaborative dinner of friends from Nomad, Jolie Laide, Langbaan, and Castagna, Wine pairings will be offered by Castagna Sommelier Brent Braun. Dinner will be held at the newly built...+ More

  • Prepaid reservation for 1-8 guests
  • $95 per person
2 guests
May 23, 2017
Nomad Collaboration is not offered on May 23 for 2 guests. Try another date or party size.


Portland, OR

To nurture an intimate and memorable experience, communal seating is provided within the understated, dimly lit walls of Langbaan.

A 12 course ever-changing menu is offered alongside a curated list of esoteric wines that Chef Vince personally enjoys and feels harmonizes with his cuisine.

We aim to create an experience where our guests are challenged, while comforted. An articulation of emotion through food. An obscurity that is undeniably delicious.

Now booking through June 30, 2021

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